How to Format Text Your Design in EasyBadge

Modified on Fri, 21 Aug 2020 at 10:12 AM

To format text of your card design follow these steps..


1. Click ‘Change the Design’ Button in the middle of the EasyBadge program window.




2. From this menu you can choose the design you need by clicking the bullet point to the top right of the card preview and click “Edit a Design” below.





3. Now click the text object you want to format, once selected the text box with have blue control points around it. If needed you can drag it into a new position.





4. The text formatting options for the selected text box will appear on the right hand side in the properties panel. In the below example the fields forename and surname are linked by using square brackets e.g. [Forename] [Surname]




5. Here is a description of all the text formatting options.



Bold, Italics, Underline = Change the visual formatting of the font.

Left, Centre, Right paragraph Align = Position the text within the bounding area of the text box.

Word Wrap = Nudges text onto a new line, this is useful of you are trying to print long job titles and the font needs to stay the same point size.

Auto Adjust Object Size = Changes the bounding box to accommodate a longer text string

Don’t print outside grab points = Crops any text off so it is not displayed outside the bounding area of a text box.

Text Orientation = Rotates text 90, 180, 270, degrees on the design area.

Shrink to fit = Reduces the point size of the text to so it fits within the bounding box. This is useful of you always want long text strings like job titles to appear on one line.

Extra Properties = These settings allows you to further adjust the vertical and horizontal line spacing for a paragraph of text.

Colour 1 = Changes the main colour of the selected text.

Colour 2 = is the colour of the shadow if you use the shadow option.

Shadow Enable = Creates a basic drop shadow effect on text.

Size / Position = Allows you to specify exact co-ordinates of the position of text on the card.


Note: When adding any text box to the design always make sure the bounding box fills the full area available on your design to print the line of text. This ensures long names and titles get formatted correctly. It is a good idea to test your template by adding a long name and job title to a record to ensure the formatting will be correct.

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