How to Manage the Bureau Dashboard

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This topic details how to manage the Bureau Dashboard once it has been set up.


To set up the Bureau Dashboard search for the topic “Bureau Dashboard Set up”


1. To open up the Bureau Dashboard move your cursor over  to the left of the program window or click the menu button (3 lines top left) and select Bureau > Dashboard




2. Enter the Username and Password as ‘Supervisor’




3.  When the Dashboard is open you have the following options available from the fly out menu on the left detailed below.




Open Database = Open up and existing EasyBadge Database.


Recent Database = View/Open a recent database.


Manage Dashboards = Create Multiple Dashboards, Add new Dashboard accounts and change main email account details.


Notes = Opens up an EasyBadge Notepad for making notes.


Tools = Read Smart card tool, Register Recent databases (to the Dashboard), Process Dashboard (ping cloud to check for updates.)


View Database = View list of all databases registered with the current Dashboard.


Recent CDL’s = View recently opened CDL (Card Design Layout) Files


Change Password = Changes the Supervisor Password to log in to the current Dashboard


Settings = The Main EasyBadge settings page


About = details about the current version of EasyBadge installed.




Under the Manage Dashboards > Databases tab  you have the ability to create new Dashboards for different groups of databases, Add new databases to a specific Dashboard and assign users and restrict access to certain Dashboards.




Under the Manage Dashboards > Users tab you have the options to manage new users that need to use the selected Dashboard.




To add a new user from the Manager Dashboard > User tab click Add > Add > Select Account Type and Enter User Name. Then click ‘OK’




The user account types are as follows.


Standard User = User who’s account is created within the EasyBadge application

Template = Template account that has been set up

Principal = Windows Security Group

Windows User = Allows you to select the user of a Windows account that has previously logged on to that PC.


To manage Bureau Users in select Manage Dashboard > Users, from this page you can Add, Delete, Rename, manage access rights to new accounts and set the Dashboard passwords for these accounts.





To reset the overall bureau dashboard email password (which is linked to the cloud service that sends you email notifications) or alter email notification options click Manage Dashboard > Account




To learn about using the Bureau Dashboard search for the ‘Using the Bureau Dashboard Topic’

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