Datacard Ribbon Break Check List

Modified on Wed, 01 Apr 2020 at 11:02 AM

  • Can I get the printer serial number
  • Firmware version please
  • Print ribbon P/N
  • Where on the ribbon does it break e.g. very beginning of a panel, very end of a panel or does the ribbon stick to the card at all?
  • Work through the troubleshooting steps in sections 6 and 9 of the attached
  • Card Registration Calibration:
    • This setting should be adjusted by trained engineers (partners), not end customers. Used to adjust the stop position of the card, before the print head comes down for printing
    • Increasing it too high can cause a large white gap at the leading edge of printing and can also cause ribbon breaks at the trailing edge (print head staying down too long after card has left the printing area)
    • Decreasing it too low can cause ribbon breaks at the leading edge of the card (start of a ribbon panel)
    • Does seem low at 0.76, however, this value is different for every printer. Try increasing it to 1.3. If the issue disappears, leave it as is. If the white line at the leading edge of the card is too wide, decrease it in small amounts until the white line is acceptable and the issue does not reappear
  • Only other “Print” menu setting in that settings file that could possibly be contributing towards ribbon breaks or ribbon sticking is “YMC Power Calibration” at 38. Depending on the darkness of the card design, it could be slightly too high and causing the ribbon to stick to the card
  • Best test card to test edge to edge printing is either the LCD test card or “TestPattern1” from the “Test Card” menu in Printer Manager -> “Troubleshooting” menu

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