Adjusting YMC and K Power settings

Modified on Mon, 6 Apr, 2020 at 12:22 PM

If your Datacard printer is printing in colour to light or dark you can make adjustments to the YMC Power setting in printer manager. Also if your black text is fuzzy or not crisp you can also make adjustments to the K Power front (for front of card) and K Power Duplex (for back of card) settings.


The below instruction are for the YMC power but the same method can be used to adjust the K Power Front and K Power Duplex.

If your colour is faded or black text patchy or not crisp, increase the value by 10 units and print a card.

If your colour is to dark or your black text is smeared and letters like e or b fill in reduce the value by 10 units and print a card to check the output.

Repeat the process until the quality is as desired. Here are the instructions on what to do..


How to Adjust Print Head Power

  1. Go to Devices and Printers folder found in Control Panel, right click on XPS Card Printer and pick Printer Properties.SD160 Printhead Power 1
  2. Select the Printer Status tab, then click on Configure Printer to bring up the Printer Manager web interface.
  3. SD160 Printhead Power 2
  4. Choose Web Admin from the drop down menu, then click Log In.SD160 Printhead Power 3
  5. Click on the Printer Setting drop down menu, then Select Print.SD160 Printhead Power 4
  6. Scroll down to (56) YMC Power. Increasing the value darkens the image, while decreasing the value will lighten the image. It is recommended that you change the value in increments of 10, test print a card, then change again if needed.SD160 Printhead Power 5
  7. Once you’ve adjusted the value, click Set Current to save the settings.SD160 Printhead Power 6


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