Troubleshooting Smartcard issus on Department of Health (DoH) Enduro 3E Printers

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Use the info below as a reference to help troubleshooting the Green or Blue Department of Health ID Printers which are a rebranded Magicard Enduro 3E printer.

Correct driver and firmware files can be downloaded from this Magicard page

Printers usually have the HID Omnikey 5321, 5121, or 5122 combi (dual) encoder fitted.

The New Magicard 300 DoH has the Elatec Encoder fitted.

There are 2 systems used with the DoH printers called SPINE and EPIC

The Doh Printers must have the correct printer and smart card drivers installed. Windows will load its own Smart card Microsoft driver, If this happens the contact and contactless encoders may not appear in HID Omnikey Workbench utility.

This means the SPINE or EPIC System will not be able to encode cards.

SIMPLE FIX = Please try using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer 11.




Installing and testing the OEM (DoH Enduro 3e -Green) printer models;


You can the installer (executable) here;


Or the bare driver files here;


Once the driver is installed, connect the printer on USB.

Please run through the attached checklist (win_10_checklist.pdf).

These points are important not only on Windows 10, but all operating systems.

They will ensure the printer always has ‘status’.

Smart Card Reader

As well as the USB (type B) socket on the back of the printer, there is a trailing USB cable on this model.

This connects directly to the HID Omnikey 5321 dual encoder.

If the encoder isn’t connected (via the trailing USB cable),

then spurious encoder jam error messages may be seen on the printer.

On the new DoH 300 it will only have one USB cable for both the printer and smart card encoder.



To check the Smart card reader on the Green or Blue DoH printers follow these steps...

In Devices & Printers, right-click on the printer icon.


Choose Printer Properties -> Tools


1. Set the encode mode: SEMPLATEN (contactless) / SEMDEFAULT (contact)

2. Load a card from the hopper to the encode position: GEM

3. Once the card is in the encoding position, select which encoder to look at within the HID Omnikey Workbench;


OMNIKEY CardMan 5x21 0              Contact

OMNIKEY CardMan 5x21-CL 0        Contactless


4. Eject the card:  EJT


Each step is described in more detail below..

In Devices & Printers, right-click on the printer icon.


Choose Printer Properties -> Tools


Setting the SMART Encode Mode (SEM);


To set contactless encoding position (SEM)  type the following quick command into the Quick Commands box;




Then click Send




To set contact encoding position (SEM)  type the following quick command into the Quick Commands box;




Then click Send




Loading a card from the hopper to the encoding position;


To load a card from the rear card hopper to the encoding position, type the following into the Quick Commands box;




Then click Send




Ejecting a card from the printer;


To eject a card from within the printer, type the following into the Quick Commands box;




Then click Send




Checking you have comms with the card (contact / contactless);


Download and install the HID Omnikey Workbench (currently V1.6.0.0) from HID’s support website here;


When the HID Omnikey Workbench is opened, you should see two encoders (one contact, the other contactless);




If you don’t see any encoders (or only one), and ensuring the trailing lead from the printer is also connected to a USB port on the PC;


Run the Unattended MSI driver installer here (this will force Windows 10 to use the HID driver rather than its own);


After running the above MSI installer.

In device manager you should see the following;




NHS Digital Article on setting up DoH printer.

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