Printer Calibration for Badgy200

Modified on Fri, 07 May 2021 at 02:06 PM

Sometimes the sensors in the Badgy need re-calibrating.

First you need to make sure there are no cards in the input hopper, and the printer has a colour ribbon installed.

We will need to have a single card ready to put in in a moment so have one ready.

Next, open the Badgy Print Centre.

Once you open it, double click on the printer we want to calibrate.

(Note: There should be no cards in the hopper, so "Card feed problem" error is expected here)

Then go to the maintenance tab and type in "Sa" and hit send.

The warning light will start to flash (the triangle one).

Open the printer’s lid for a second, then close it

The printer will whir for a moment, then whit again and then the top light will start flashing on the printer. At this point, put the single card in the hopper. 

It should pull it through and spit it back out again, and then wind the ribbon on a bit. Eventually you should get a result from the Print Centre.

Hopefully it will say "OK".

Should it say ERROR TIME OUT, then try to run the test again. If it still fails then there may be a hardware fault with the printer, in which case please contact us and let us know.

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