Cards Auto Feeding into Printer from Hopper

Modified on Mon, 6 Dec, 2021 at 10:08 AM

By default on the Evolis Printers, you should be able to put cards in the hopper and they should stay there until you instruct the printer to print (or clean in some cases).

If the printer is automatically pulling cards into the printer when putting something into the hopper then this is not normal behaviour. Follow the steps below to put it back to default.

In Evolis Print Centre, double click on the printer and go to the Maintenance tab to get to the command window, and send the command "Rftype" (All commands in here are case sensitive). It should read "1". If it doesn't and you're using a hopper fed printer then send the command "Pftype;1". If that returns OK, the use Rftype to make sure it returns 1.

Next use the command Rcim. If the printer is working correctly with the default settings then this should read F. If it reads "M" (or anything else), then fix this by sending the command Pcim;F. If this is OK, the use Rcim to check this is now reading as F. Once this is done, restart the printer and it should not be prefeeding cards anymore (since you're here, you can use the command Srs for convenience).

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