Card Not in Position, Error Code 102, Datacard CD/CE Series Printer

Modified on Mon, 16 Aug 2021 at 05:48 PM

The card is not positioned in the printer correctly.

1. Open the printer and remove the ribbon cartridge.

2. Turn the knob to remove the card.

3. Replace the ribbon cartridge and close the printer.

Press the User button on the printer. In the message box, click Retry, or click

Cancel to cancel the card.

Additional Troubleshooting checks for service qualified technician.

• Check ribbon cables in the multi-hopper for proper seating of cable ends.

• Check all sensor connections for proper seating of connections.

• Check all sensor for proper seating in assembly.

Switch out the sensor with a good spare on the board. It is not required to pull

the original sensor from the printer, just connect it into the terminal on the


• Check top door interlock is actuating using extra magnet. Door interlock can

also cause message 102.

• Check for the possibility the that card is not transporting properly and also

causing message 102 or magstripe. Remove the printer enclosures, attach

magnet to top door interlock, place card to block front door sensor and run

SSA and multiple test cards number 3 from printer manager (magstripe) to

verify good transport.

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