Adjusting Contactless position on Magicard 600 + 300

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Depending on the card type, then maybe the contactless position needs to be tweaked?

There may be a ‘sweet spot’ where it will always see the card.

I recall we used to struggle sometimes with Desfire cards having a reduced range.

The default contactless position is 30,000 (this is in microns behind the front card sensor).

So 30mm from the front card sensor to the front of the card.
 You can increase this (move the card towards the rear), or decrease (move the card towards the front).

This was easier with the generic models where we could just tweak the position with a quick command (SDPxx).

Now, with the generation 2 models (360 600, 300, etc.) you will need to use the Generation 2 Dealer Tool;


So just connect to the printer.
Choose the Setup tab.

Then adjust Contactless encoding offset (µm) as required;


Click Save to store the new setting;



Obviously, you will need quite bid adjustments as it’s in microns.


I recommend however that you make use of the HID Omnikey Workbench (mentioned below)

Manually slide the card backwards and forwards to find that ‘sweet spot’.
 That way you know whether you need to increase or decrease the offset.


One other (rare) thing to bear in mind.
 I have known occasions where the contactless part of the encoder has come unclipped from the one or both of the CAM pivot bars.

Meaning it is much further away from the platen than it should be.

It’s worth checking this before making any adjustments.


I hope this helps?


Testing the HID Omnikey 5122 dual (contact / contactless) encoder;


Work backwards from the printer.


Step 1;


Does the PC see the encoder(s)?  (Yes / No)

From Control Panel -> Device Manager expand the Smart card readers entry;



Assuming Yes, and it’s an HID Omnikey 51xx dual encoder that is fitted;

Step 2;

Download and install HID’s Omnikey Workbench.

The latest version is V2.2 and can be downloaded from here;


Does that see the encoder(s)?



Assuming the encoders are listed in the Omnikey Workbench;


Step 3;


Select the contactless encoder (for contact chip encoding, choose the top encoder, without CL);



Load the Mifare card into the contactless encoding position here;


Printer Properties -> Encoding;


Look on the HID Omnikey Workbench.
 Does it see the card?

Is there an answer to reset (ATR)?


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