How to add a unique QR code to a record

Modified on Fri, 03 Nov 2023 at 10:43 AM

To Add a QR code field to your database do the following.


1. Click the menu button in the top left of the EasyBadge Program window.  


2. Click Add Field.



4. Select “Picture of cardholder” and click the “Create” button.



5. Name the field as ‘QR’ and Click ‘OK’.



6. Your Database will need to close and re-open, click ‘OK’.



Next, you need to add the QR code to your template.


1.  Click the ‘Change Card Design’ button which is in the central part of the main EasyBadge program window.



2. Select your design from the list that appears, then click the green “Edit design” button. Your design will appear on the screen in the Card Designer window.



3. Click the new Image button   found on the left  tool bar in the Card Designer window.


4.  Drag and drop the Image onto the design roughly in the area it needs to be. Then on the right-hand side of the Card Design window in the properties of the Image object set it like so. Aspect Ration “Free”, How to Draw “Reduce to Fit”. Also Type ‘QR’ in the Field line like below.




5. Then use the blue (to resize)  and green (to move) control points on the new signature box to move and resize it into the correct position. Note , at this point it will still show a person’s photo.


6. The click “Save Design”  to save the changes.



7. Click the X to close the design window.



8. Now when you are in the main EasyBadge program view you can right-click the photo box and select “Image” > “QR” to set the photo to display the QR field.




9. When the “QR” Field is selected you can right-click it and select ‘Load Image’ > browse to the QR code file on your computer > click ‘Open’ to load a jpeg or bmp photo file into the person record as below.




The QRand photo should now both appear in the database and print on the card.


To switch between Persons Photo and signature just right click on the Image field and choose which field (Image or Signature) you want to load a file into that record.

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