How to print a tiled report in EasyBadge

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You can use EasyBadge to print "tiled" layouts for printing multiple sets of data on single or multiple pages eg a paper report on A4 with multiple names and faces on, or printing 3 up tags, where each tag of 3 has variable data.

This works by setting a 'Background' first then you need to create the"Layout" which is the design that is tiled across the background design

A printed report on A4 paper would be a card design set to A4 in size.  The layout might be a 5 x 5 cm design with a photo and name. The result would be multiple names and faces printed onto one A4 sheet,

If you are pritnig 3up tags the background would be the CR80 card and the 'layout would be the indivudual tag.

The background needs to contain one box object drawn the size of the card, and the box must have its id set to 'area'

- Create a new design and resize it to the dimensions of the medium (A4 or CR80 card for example)

- Select the box tool, and draw a box the size of the card. 

- Right click the box and set 'id' to 'area'

- Save and close the design.

To create a layout do the following

- Create a new design and resize it to the dimensions of the tile required (size of 3up tag card for example)

- Add the variable data you want to repeat as a tile

- Save and close the design

NOTE The layout height must be smaller than the 'area' box height previously set for the tiled feature to work.

To print a tiled report do the following

- select Menu > Reports > Print Tield reports.

- On the Layout tab select the design that is the design that will tile across the background

- On the background set the design that is the paper or card medium size.

- Select the printer to send the job to

- Set the tile gap width and height if you need additional spacing.

- Click the print button

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