EasyBadge Text Formatting Commands

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[format(date field,"dd/MM/yy")]   = 01/01/2020

[format(record created,"dd/MMM/yyyy")] = 20/Feb/2020

[(zerospace(Number Field,4)]  0001

[Serialnumber] = Links to serial number function in card design options.

___For  Numbers____




___Capital Names___

In EasyBadge:

[UCASE(Forename+" "+Surname)] or

[UCASE(Forename)] [UCASE(Surname)]

Trim Commands

Trim unwanted space characters found in  field data eg Paul____ Wade____ = Paul Wade

[Trim(Forename)] [Trim(surname)]

If your example was C123456XYZ and you just wanted the 6 digits then:




There are two other related functions, left and right. So 


left(serialno,2)  takes the first two, 'C1' in the above


right(serialno,3)  takes the last three, 'XYZ' in the above


In Imagebase

[uppercase(Forename&" "&Surname)]


___Name case___



____Remove spaces from missing or empty values____

[SpaceStrings(" ", Title, Initial, Forename, Surname)]

____print in separate lines____

[SpaceStrings("\n", Title, Initial, Forename, Surname)]


____Visibility Expression____

One line -             len(Forename+Surname)<25

Forename -         len(Forename+Surname)>=25

Surname -           len(Forename+Surname)>=25


Change font, size colour in formula

[Forename]<font color=red face="courier" size="20"> [Surname]


For set expiry dates from print date:

[Format(now()+0, "dd/MM/yyyy   hh:mm")]


Date of Issue:

[Format(Issue date, "dd mmmm yyyy")]


____SerialNumber+1 and SerialNumber+2____






### Merge Columns in Excel ###

=A2& " " & B2

### Add .jpg ###


### Add ‘ ###




"Q:\\from ftp\\Greggs\\IMAGES ON DISK\\" + Image Id +".jpeg"


___ postcode function____


___Last 8 digit of iso decimal___




____if record is empty do not print static text?___ ie. [Gate PIN]

[Iif(Gate pin<>"","Gate PIN: " + Gate PIN,"")]

ie. If found, please return to:

[Iif(Club Address<>"","If found, please return to: " + Club Address,"")]




[Random(7)] in card design or

1.  Add a new text field click  Menu button top left> Modify Database > Add Field and call it what is required. I have called it “RandomNumber” but you can call it whatever you need to.

2. Modify the field to have these properties    Menu button top left> Modify Database > Modify Field

3. set Default line to ‘Random(7)’    7 = the length of Random number, also set Unique to True.



cd "\Program Files <86>"


easybadge /demo





[Locality][iif(Len(Locality) > 0, "\n", "")][City][iif(Len(City) > 0, "\n", "")][County][iif(Len(County) > 0, "\n", "")][post code][iif(Len(post code) > 0, "\n", "")]



***UV layer for HDP5000***

~IC:\\BBC ID Card UV Layer.bmp


Mifare numbers

ISO HEX                [left(Mifare Number,8)]

ISO DECIMAL      [fromhex(Left(Mifare Number,8))]

NON ISO HEX      [mid(Mifare Number,7,2)+mid(Mifare Number,5,2)+mid(Mifare Number,3,2)+left(Mifare Number,2)]

NON ISO DECIMAL           [FromHex(mid(Mifare Number,7,2)+mid(Mifare Number,5,2)+mid(Mifare Number,3,2)+left(Mifare Number,2))]


Example of calculated field default value

SetField("Barcode",ISO3166 Country Code + ZeroSpace(AIMS Number,7) + ZeroSpace((Print Count + 1),2))

Example  "United Kingdom UK" as data in field

[right(Country Code,2)]  this would return UK

[left(Country Code, len(Country Code)-3)] would return United Kindom


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