Matica XID hardware installation troubleshooting tips

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 native JVC driver would not pick the printer up over the network on Ethernet.

This could have multiple reasons:

- The printer's IP is in a different subnet than the Client PC.

- The XID's "Default Interface" was not set to "LAN" (is still "USB").

- The Client PC's local antivir or firewall blocks the printer detection attempt (its LAN broadcast).

- The Client PC's local antivir or firewall blocks the JVC driver's network ports. 

- In many cases, it often helped to input the printer's IP directly during the corresponding JVC LAN driver installation step (see screenshot, just enter your IP and confirm with "OK button and do not use the "Find" button)

- some more



> The problem I had was in Windows / Devices and printers I could not right click to see properties or preferences on the Matic driver.

>  I got a generic windows message (operation could not be completed I think)

> So I could not access to normal settings.


I see. 


FYI: EDIsecure will not automatically create a "Windows Printeras simple drivers (that are designed for only one single device) typically do. Our driver provides much more functionality and supports combined devices ("Device Lines") which requires some due configuration from user side. 


Short instructions how to create the desired Windows printer in "EDIsecure"

Let's assume that your "EDIsecure" Installation/Setup ran without problems (cf. your page #2).

1)  Execute our EDIsecure driver's module "Device Configurator". (Via Windows > Start > all programs > Matica > ...)

2)  If no EDIsecure printer was defined before, our "Device Configurator" will automatically start with a "Printer Wizard". 

3)  Therein, select the checkbox for the desired device: "[x] Printer" (in your case)

Hint: If you want to create a socalled "Device Line" consisting of a Printer and laminator, enable each corresponding checkbox. 

4)  Select the device type: "MC6 Series"

5)  Select Model: "MC660"

6)  Enter your MC660 printer's "USB ID". (I assume value "8" in your case?)

Hint: For convenience, we offer a dropdown with already existing (i.e. previously connected) IDs in our most current EDIsecure versions. It is not available yet for public. 

7)  As the last definition step (in dialog box "Device Line and printer name"):

      -  Leave the "Device Line name" blank. EDIsecure will automatically create it for you. 

- "Windows printer name": Enter the desired name or leave the suggested name "MC660". (EDIsecure will check and warn you, if the chosen printer name already exists.)

8)  Our "Printer Wizard" will show you a short summary which you can confirm with the "Finish" button. Respectively adjust or correct "Back" button.  

Some hints: 

- You can always adjust its Windows printer name, port values, ID, etc later again via our "Device Configurator". 

- Also add additional Printers or "Device Lines" therein there via "Grouping" -> (section) "Printer Wizard" -> New Printer". 

9)  Our "Device Configurator" will now create the corresponding Windows Printer for you. 


Some (general) "EDIsecure" technical hints:

- Important/Warning: Please do not add/remove/rename an "EDIsecure" printer via Windows "Printers&Devices", because this would partially bypass our driver's configuration. Please use always and only our "Device Configurator" module for this. 

- To check the EDIsecure devices' statuses and to manage their print jobs: Please use our EDIsecure driver's module "Job Monitor". (Via Windows > Start > all programs > Matica > ...) 

- To adjust your printer's "Printing Preferences" (e.g. to print single-sided): This is conform to any other Windows printer. 

-- Locally (inside an application) via the application's menu File -> Print... -> select printer-> click on Preferences

-- Resp. systemwide (as defaults for that devivce) in Windows Printers&Devices via contextmenu on that Windows printer's icon. (Don't forget to restart a possibly still open application afterwards, because it would still work with its cached local settings and not reflect your systemside applied device preferences!)


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