Evolis Primacy, Zenius Ribbon snapping issues

Modified on Wed, 12 Jan 2022 at 04:49 PM

Different things can cause your print ribbon to snap. The printer not being up to date, or not being cleaned and serviced regularly. Also a large block colour always has the potential to cause a ribbon break,  as you are dumping an abnormal amount of heat into the ribbon.


Some simple things that would help straight away if you are printing a lot of colour..


  • Lighten the block colour slightly in the software you are printing from so less heat is going into the ribbon
  • Introduce a slight white border on the design which eliminates the high heat at the start and end of the card.
  • Increasing the brightness slightly in the Graphic settings of the Evolis Print centre.


If you are not printing block colour bu still having issues with ribbons snapping on your Evolis Primacy you need to do the following things..


1. Make sure the printer firmware and driver are the latest. These can be found here..



Details on how to install these files are attached are attached.


2. Run the advanced cleaner cycle. This can be seen here on YouTube..


3. If these do not work then try the printer calibration routine which is attached

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