Using rewrite cards on the Magicard Enduro printer

Modified on Wed, 08 Apr 2020 at 03:57 PM

Card feeding problems (having to shake the hopper to get cards to load);


The rewriteable cards can leave a fine white dust deposit on the hopper roller.

This can make it very difficult for the printer to grip the cards coming out of the hopper.

Manually cleaning the hopper roller is the best solution.

With a fresh cleaning card from the kit;

Remove the rear hopper.

Sent the printer a print job (either from the PC, or on the front panel).

Fold the cleaning card into a look.

Hold it against the hopper roller as it rotates.

Don’t let the cleaning card feed into the printer.

When it reports Out Of Cards 02:00, press retry and it will continue.

Move to a fresh unmarked are of the cleaning card.

Repeat as necessary until there are no marks on the cleaning card.

Refit the hopper once complete.


Erasing batches of rewriteable cards (can save lots of time when printing cards for visitors);


Erasing the card takes a bit of time when you want to print.

Erasing batches of the cards offline when possible can speed up issuing cards.


I left a file on Natalie’s desktop earlier (right PC?) (erase_50_cards.prn).

I just created a new one which is much more efficient, and should behave better.

I have attached this PRN file.

Please replace the one I left earlier with this one.


When you want to erase a batch of cards, follow these instructions.


Fill up the card hopper with as many cards as you want to erase (doesn’t have to be full).

Go to Start -> Devices & Printers

On the printer you want to do the erasing on (either);



Enduro3E  Printer


Right-click -> Printer Properties -> Tools (top right)


In the section Print *.PRN;


Browse to the PRN file (erase_50_cards.prn) then click Print



The chosen printer will erase all cards in the hopper (up to a maximum of 50).

If it runs out, or if you want to stop at any time, just click Cancel on the printer’s front panel.


Printing cards which have already been erased (blank);


Go to Start -> Devices & Printers

Right-click -> Printing Preferences -> Advanced -> Rewriteable cards . .

Un-tick the box which says ‘Erase before print’;




If you go back to having cards in the hopper which are not erased, remember to tick the ‘Erase before print’ box again.

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