Fargo HDP5000 Mis registration on Yellow panel

Modified on Tue, 01 Dec 2020 at 04:11 PM

Sometimes on a printed card you will see mis-registration of the yellow panel like so..

This can be caused if the transfer film is "walking" to one side as it rolls onto the green take up spool.
Sometimes the film gets a knock in transit and the film on the yellow supply spool is not central to start with or sometimes the label sticking the film to the green take up spool is not stuck square on to the spool.

Closely inspect the photo below and compare to your transfer film cradle, you can see on the yellow spool (bottom of photo) there is an even gap either end of the film where the yellow and grey end caps are. 
As the film rolls onto the green spool it should mirror this and there should still be a gap either side. If the take up film has begun to "walk" it ends up migrating to one side leaving a bigger gap on one side compared to the other. The extra resistance can cause mis-registration. Can you check your film cart to see how it looks? Sometimes if the film was not central to start with this is the result. 

If the yellow spool is off centre , remove the film from the cradle and knock spool on desk until film is central and try to re-align film on take up spool.

Poor alignment of the transfer cradle peel bar can also be the cause of walking but it is not normally the issue on a new printer. If the printer had a replacement film cart the follow the instructions in the attached and seek assistance from technical support team.

Also designs with a block fill of a medium to dark colour can also cause mis registration, lower the YMC dye sub intensity can help with this.

 can help.

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