IDP Smart 50 Error 16 + 17

Modified on Thu, 22 Apr 2021 at 09:56 AM

Problem with the Ribbon.

  1. Sometimes the ribbon RFID tag is faulty. Change for new ribbon and re test.
  2. Also inspect the plastic cogs on the ribbon cores. Make sure there are no small bits of plastic “Flashing” sticking out. These can stop the ribbon spools from turning smoothly.

3. The abnormal state of the ribbon -> Open the top-cover and take the ribbon cartridge out. Check the assembling state of the ribbon’s core and gear. If there is a gap between ribbon' core and gear, you strongly press the both sides of ribbon to remove the gap between ribbon's core and gear and test.

If you put other ribbon into the problem printer, that printer may still not recognize it. init 16 or 17 error may occur in that printer

There are several causes of ERROR 16 & 17. The leading causes and solutions are as follows.

  1. The old version of printer Driver & firmware -> Download the latest printer driver/firmware and install. This is very important as updated come out regularly.
  2. We will send process of how to update the printers driver and firmware via email.
  3. The contamination of Colour-In Sensor. -> Using a swab our wipe. Clean the colour-in sensor and check it in CardPrinterDiagnostics.exe See below picture for Colour in and colour out sensor position.

On the Printer Installation CD there is a CardPrinterDiagnostic.exe in Utilities folder. Run this and you will get this screen. When you click the play button shown below you see the values above change. If this is the case the sensors are working. 

5If the colour values indicated are changing the sensors are ok. If they do not changed, the sensor is faulty and the printer will need to be returned to Digital Id for the sensor to be replaced. 

6. The contamination of Colour-Out sensor -> Run the CardPrinterDiagnostics.exe program and open the top cover and Check the colour-out sensor lighting (green and blue). See photo above for sensor position. Clean this with an Air duster. If the sensor does not light up it will be faulty will need replacing at Digital ID. 


You  can use WD40 if you use the red straw to spray a small amount onto the metal spring behind the black plastic gear. Use some paper to mask of the inside of the printer. Spray a little and turn gear, then spray a little more,. Keep turning gear to work lubricant into mecc

7. The poor assembling state of the ribbon feed gears -> Take the ribbon cartridge out and rotate the 2 ribbon feed gears feed gears by your finger. If the gear wheeling is too tight, reassemble it or replace it. Compare with a problem free printer if you have more than one printer. If the gears are too tight the printer will need to be returned to Digital ID for repair.

8. The poor state of ribbon motor -> Replace the ribbon motor, returned to Digital ID for repair.

9. The deterioration of parts -> Replace I/O right cable, or USB cable, or Adopter. Every time one part replaced, test and find the defective part. The printer will have to be returned to Digital ID.

10. The inner problem in main board -> Replace the main board. The Printer will have to be returned to Digital ID



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