Primacy/Zenius Not Cleaning Correctly

Modified on Wed, 21 Apr 2021 at 09:38 AM

Adhesive cleaning cards are slightly longer than a CR80 card is, sometimes the printer doesn't identify the cleaning card.

First check card length detection is activated on the printer:
- Run "Rclc" command
> e/E answer means detection is enabled,
> d/D answer means it is deactivated. Please run "Pclc;e" to enable the feature.

Then, if problem remains the same, please proceed to the following:
0- Update to latest firmware version
1- Send the command Pem;2 (After you're done Pem;0 revert this setting)
2- Put a blank CR80 card in the feeder and run "Sie" command
3- Read the value measured with the command "Rclt;l"
(let say you obtained 1003 as an example)
4- Put an adhesive card in the feeder (no need to peel it off) and run "Sie" command
5- Read the value measured with the command Rclt;l
(let say obtained value is 1054 as an example)
6- Threshold value to determine which is CR80 card and which is adhesive card should be the middle value of the 2 previous values.
You can read current printer threshold value with "Rclt" command.
(let say obtained value is 1040)
7- If value obtained in 6 is not middle of 2 other values, then run "Pclt;<middle value>"
(as in my example, ideal value would be (1054+1003)/2=1028) I would have to run "Pclt;1028" as 1040 is above middle ideal value.

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