Magicard 300/600 Printing Black-and-White

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Take 1:  Reset the Dye Film 

Take out the dye film put it back again and make sure it is installed correctly.

Task 2: Uninstall and Reinstall the driver

Task 3: Check Security settings (very important)

 Sometimes if you have communication issues, false errors or random issues with your printer It may be security policy stopping the printer and PC from communicating properly. To set the security settings of any Windows printer driver follow these instructions. 

You may need to be logged in as an administrator to complete this task.


1. In Windows search Control Panel > Devices and printers.


2. Right-click your card printer driver and select 'Printer Properties


3. In the Printer Properties > ‘Ports’ tab make sure enable bidirectional support (tickbox) is ticked



In the Printer properties > ‘Security’ tab ensure ALL groups and users have access to Print, Manage this printer, Manage documents



Click Apply / OK to complete the task.

Task4: Reset communication between PC and Card Printer

Magicard printer not printing in colour even when it has colour film installed.
This issue can arise when the printer and PC are not communicating properly.

Following the procedure below can fix this issue if you are connected to the printer via USB:

1) Power off the printer – this helps clear out the corrupted cache memory.


[Unplug the printer]

2) Go to control panel> devices and printers and remove all Magicard icons.

3) Then reboot the pc – this helps reset and reload the driver.

4) Once back up power on the printer.

[Pluge in the Printer]

5) Wait a couple of minutes and in Devices and printers should be a new Magicard icon. - This provides sufficient time for both the printer and PC to re-establish connections with each other.


6) Check the dual print setting in printer preferences.

7) Try printing again.

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