Zebra P330i Calibration

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: You need to re-calibrate the printer. Follow these instructions..


First browse to the printer driver in windows, right click on the driver and go to Properties> Device setting (Tab) > Tools (Properties) then in the 'command to send to printer' command line enter the following commands as detailed below... 


1-Install a YMCKOi ribbon and send the !SA command. You need at least one card in the hopper. This process will take about 20s to complete. You have to wait this time, even if the printer seems idle. When the calibration will be completed, the printer will answer with an <ACK> message.


2-Remove the ribbon


3-Send the !CSA 0 (number zero) command. This will perform a coarse calibration and takes about 5s to complete. Here again, wait for the <ACK> message 


4-Re-install the YMCKOi ribbon 5-Send the !CSA 1 command. This will fine adjust the sensors. It takes about 15s to complete and wait for the <ACK> message. If the process fails when sending the !SA command, skip it and start at point 2. After completing point


5, re-send the !SA command only.


6-Unlatch and re-latch the print head, in order to re-sync the ribbon. 


7- Send the SDATA command to set the settings into the printers memory Additional Comments If the printer has the 1.16.11 firmware on it the printer will calibrate itself after performing a cleaner cycle. If you want to force a calibration you can perform a cleaner cycle or use the escape command CALB

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